can you be allergic to a certain brand of tampons meaning in english version

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Allergic to Tampons - Diagnosis can be the hardest part ...- can you be allergic to a certain brand of tampons meaning in english version ,Nov 02, 2018·No amount of period positivity can surf you though painful, heavy periods, but being allergic to tampons can give you a period nightmare on a whole new level. It doesn’t help that a lot of people don't talk about it, often putting it down to thrush, not changing the pad/tampon often enough etc and just tolerate it.Can You Be Allergic To Tampons? 7 Things To Know If …Sep 24, 2016·A lot of allergies can be related to the fragrances found in certain menstrual products. You may think scented pads and tampons help keep the …

Allergic Reaction to Tampons - Women's Health - MedHelp

Allergic Reaction to Tampons. Basil1897. This is my first time asking something like this, so call me a bit shy. But my last period, which was in August, I got these tampons called Kotek sleek, they are unscented and have a plastic applicator. When I used them, I was fine and I had to reaction to them at all. This time, I noticed the day after ...

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Can you be allergic to tampons? - Answers

Aug 02, 2012·No you can't be allergic to all tampons in general, but you could definitely be allergic to certain materials in a tampon. If you have an allergic reaction to a …

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The Facts on Tampons—and How to Use Them Safely | FDA

Sep 30, 2020·If you have discomfort, pain or other unexpected symptoms like unusual discharge when trying to insert or wear a tampon, or if you have an allergic reaction, stop using tampons and …

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