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Tampax Stock Photos and Images - Alamy- tampax tampons history timeline photos ,高达10%返现·Packages of Tampax brand tampons on a drugstore shelf in New York on Wednesday, February 10, 2016. A bill making its way through the Utah legislature would eliminate tax on tampons and other feminine hygiene products. 40 states currently impose a sales tax on feminine hygiene products and there is also a bill under consideration in California to eliminate the tax.Tampon history - Period!Jan 29, 2016·Tampon history. January 29, 2016. The tampon has already been around for centuries. Here’s a tampon timeline. 1550 B.C.: In the old Egyptian times, women used soft papyrus tampons. 500 B.C.: Hippocrates documented how Greek women would wrap lint around pieces of wood to control their menstruation. Also around this time (give or take a couple ...

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403 Tampax Stock Photos, Royalty-free Images & Pictures. Menstrual tampons and pads on a blue background. Menstruation time. Hygiene and protection. Mentruation time. Girl with hygienic tampon. Woman with tampon in monthly cycle. Mentruation time. Girl with hygienic tampon.

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A Brief History of the Tampon and Who Invented It

Mar 31, 2016·Tampax and o.b.: Two Brands With Longevity . Haas filed for his first tampon patent on November 19, 1931, and originally described it as a "catamenial device," a term derived from the Greek word for monthly. The product name “Tampax,” which originated from “tampon” and “vaginal packs,” was also trademarked and later sold to businesswoman Gertrude Tendrich for $32,000.

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The History of Tampax | Tampax®

May 14, 2020·From introducing a product that helped women join the workforce in the 1930s to normalizing conversations around women's health and period care, Tampax …

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Tampons - The History of Tampons

Tampax Tampon Patent (Dr. Earle Haas) #1,926,900 Tampax enjoys its fame from having sold the first tampon with an applicator (1936), patented by Dr. Earle Haas of Denver, Colorado. Early Commercial American Menstrual Tampons Brief histories with photos. Tampons A good ' history of ' for tampons from the Tampax company. Are Tampons Safe?

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A timeline of period and tampon advertisements | Revelist

Feb 13, 2018·1990: Tampax tackled the bizarre rumor that using tampons would mean you weren't a virgin. "In fact, you can use them at any age and still be a virgin," the first-person ad reads. Yay?

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Tampax Tampons & Feminine Care Products | Tampax®

Learn more about Tampax tampons and feminine care products, including tampon and period information and helpful women's health articles.

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The Tampon: A History - The Atlantic

Jun 01, 2015·Especially in the United States, the spike in women’s physical activity during World War II made tampons a staple of the American menstrual period. Tampax, available for 35 cents and often ...

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