negative side effects of tampons

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7 Cons Of Using Tampons & 8 Reasons To Use Pads | …- negative side effects of tampons ,May 05, 2018·The reasoning is unclear, but many users of tampons report that their terrible cramping ceased once they began using alternatives to tampons. The internet is full of anecdotal accounts relating the use of tampons to cramping, but, as we already know, the research into the potentially harmful side effects of tampons is severely lacking.4 Dangers Of Using Tampons You May Not Know About - …Answer (1 of 7): I’m not too experienced with tampons, but there is a thing that happens when you leave it in too long (toxic shock syndrome). That’s only if you leave it in for a really long time, though, like a few weeks or a month. I don’t know about the background of your question or why you’...