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Different types of menstrual products - The Princetonian- reusable menstrual tampons target list online ,Nov 02, 2021·Unlike pads or tampons that absorb your flow, the menstrual cup is a silicone or plastic small cup that collects flow when inserted. Despite a higher initial cost of $10–$40 , a menstrual cup typically lasts six months to two years because they are reusable.Cora Reusable Menstrual Disc : TargetSUSTAINABLE ALTERNATIVE. An eco-friendly alternative to pads, disposable period discs, liners, and tampons. Washable and reusable. Made from ultra-soft medical-grade silicone that's made in the USA. WEAR UP TO 12 HOURS. Our disc's high capacity is the equivalent of 5-7 regular tampons, which means longer wear time.

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Always Maxi Extra Heavy Overnight Pads - Size 5. $8.99 - $12.99. First Response Early Response Pregnancy Test. $4.29 - $9.79. Tampax Pearl Super Absorbency Tampons. $6.99 - $9.19. Playtex Sport Multipack Tampons. $7.39 - $17.29. Always Ultra Thin Extra Heavy Overnight Pads.

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May 18, 2017·A menstrual pad (also referred to as a sanitary napkin) is a thin piece of absorbent material that is placed in a female’s underwear to absorb the menstrual flow after it exits the body. 1 Pads come in many different shapes and sizes and range from light absorbency to high absorbency to handle every stage of a female’s period. These products are typically disposed of after a few hours ...

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