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A Natural Alternative to Pads and Tampons- natural reusable tampons for kids without ,Jan 29, 2018·Being able to change a pad frequently without having to worry about the mama cloth laundry piling up has been a must for me on certain days of my cycle. Other friends of mine are natural (or, like we call ourselves, “crunchy”) mamas, but they shudder at the idea of using cloth pads or a reusable tampon. For them, a natural brand of pads and ...Tampon Alternatives: The 5 Best Menstrual Products - Dr ...Mar 12, 2020·1. Diva Cup. The diva cup is a reusable menstrual cup that’s eco-friendly, hassle-free, and non-toxic, making it the first of my top five tampon alternatives. It’s made with medical-grade silicone that you fold and insert inside your vagina like you would a tampon.

I Tried Reusable Tampons For The First Time & Here's …

Jul 12, 2016·I Tried Reusable Tampons For The First Time & Here's How It Went. There are lots of types of reusable menstrual products. Most common is …

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How'd they do that: Make a reusable menstrual pad | …

Mar 05, 2020·Without feminine hygiene products, many girls skip school while on their periods. That means they miss up to a week of school every month so girls start to fall behind and eventually drop out. Alternatively, some girls make their pads using products that can be unhygienic or even dangerous, such as newspaper, grass, hay, or cow dung.

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7 Surprising Alternatives To Tampons That Actually Work

Feb 13, 2018·Sea sponges are perfectly suitable natural alternatives to tampons. "They are already hygienic, they’re fully biodegradable, and each sponge lasts …

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Natural Alternatives to Pads & Tampons | Wellness Mama

Sep 21, 2018·It is reusable, leak-proof (in my experience), and much more comfortable than regular tampons. They don’t carry the risk of TSS that tampons do and can be safely worn for up to 24 hours. Yes, it takes some experimenting to get used to using a menstrual cup, but once you get used to …

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