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Make your own reusable menstrual pads! - YouTube- how to make menstrual pads with wings and bones for men pictures 2017 ,Dec 12, 2017·A quick tutorial on how to sew your own eco-friendly menstrual pads!Suitable for any human being of menstrual age.Beginner level - feel free to modify thickn...How to Make Your Own Reusable Menstrual Pads (with …Sep 14, 2007·To make your own reusable menstrual pads, start by cutting 2 round-edged diamonds out of cotton flannel and sewing them together. Cut a vertical slit in 1 layer of the fabric, turn the material inside out through the slit, and stitch around the top to form the pad base.

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Mar 24, 2020·In November 2017 I attended a workshop run by Manda Helal so that I could photograph her teaching some of the staff at the Women’s Environmental Network (WEN) in London how to make their own reusable menstrual pads. I found the whole experience quite emotive: the experience of women coming together and sewing the pads, being open about what things we do not normally discuss.

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Nov 06, 2018·Download File padpattern.pdf – 252 KB. Trace the pattern using a fabric marker. You need two outer pieces and one pad insert for each pad. Layer each pad with wrong sides facing, with the pad insert in the middle. Stitch along the curved sides of the pad insert and an oblong shape in …

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Mar 05, 2020·5. On the edge of one of the wings, sew the button on. 6. On the opposite wing, also along the edge, cut a small, narrow hole for the button to fit through. 7. To wear the reusable menstrual pad, place it in your underwear, wrap the wings under, and use the button to secure in place.

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